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Power of Thinking

Investment Philosophy

Fiera Capital is a prominent Canadian investment management firm recognized for its excellence in portfolio management, innovative and personalized investment solutions, and its ability to surpass client expectations.

Fiera Capital offers a broad spectrum of investment strategies across asset classes, styles and capitalization ranges. We are one of only a handful of independent investment firms providing extensive expertise in Canadian active and structured fixed income, Canadian and foreign equity, asset allocation and non-traditional investment solutions through a broad range of strategies and services.

Fiera Capital is a research-driven investment firm. We believe that disciplined, methodical analysis and the consistent application of a rigorous investment approach produce superior performance. Our active management model stresses teamwork and the free exchange of ideas among a group of highly experienced investment professionals.

At Fiera Capital, research is much more than a specialty confined to a specific department. It is the core of our investment approach and the basis of all of our management processes. Our internal fundamental research capabilities come in many forms:

  • Independent bottom-up fundamental research is the cornerstone of our Canadian and foreign equity strategies as each of our teams conducts, on average, 300 to 400 company visits and management interviews annually;
  • Rigorous top-down fundamental research, independent of sell-side analysis and of credit rating agencies, is the cornerstone of our actively managed fixed income strategies, resulting in opinions that are independent of market views;
  • In-house fundamental economic and market research drives our asset allocation process which is designed to optimize returns while striving to preserve capital in all market environments;
  • The combination of disciplined portfolio construction and true entrepreneurial values enables Fiera Capital to offer innovative solutions, customized to the specific needs of our clients.

Risk Management

Risk management is a pillar of Fiera Capital’s investment culture. Embedded within all of our investment processes is a rigorous approach to risk management where we strive to achieve optimal performance within an appropriate level of risk. Furthermore, the monitoring of a broad range of portfolio metrics is performed by Fiera Capital’s Performance Measurement and Risk Management group, ensuring complete independence from the investment function.