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Power of Thinking

Mission, Values and Culture

Our mission is to be a leading North American asset management firm recognized for superior portfolio management, innovative investment solutions and an ability to surpass client expectations.

Our culture is client-focused. We are continually striving to provide the highest level of service in order to exceed our clients’ expectations, maintain trust and build long-term relationships.

We uphold the highest standards of respect and integrity. We achieve excellence through strong management practices, sound business principles and the highest level of ethical behaviour.

We emphasize teamwork and sharing knowledge. We communicate openly and participate in active collaboration. The success of our firm relies on the strength and diversity of individuals within the firm, unified by a clear common purpose.

Performance is a key part of our priorities and we continually work to optimize it. We believe that excellence can only be achieved through rigorous and disciplined investment processes that are consistently applied over time. Each employee is accountable for their decisions and results achieved.

Finally, we foster an entrepreneurial environment where portfolio and client service managers are committed to the ongoing satisfaction of clients and the success of the firm. We encourage innovation to provide leading-edge investment solutions that fully meet the specific needs of our clients.

A Climate of Ownership

Meeting – and surpassing – client needs is our top priority. Fiera Capital’s culture has grown to meet that challenge. We are inherently entrepreneurial, focused on innovation, individual responsibility and performance accountability. To engage each team member in our challenges, we promote equity ownership of our firm. This fosters a strong sense of responsibility, long-term retention of key personnel and superior cohesion within the group.

The result is not just an efficient team – it is a tightly knit group of partners who are strongly motivated by a shared mission and common goals.