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Investment Approach

Fiera Capital is a prominent Canadian investment management firm recognized for superior portfolio management, innovative investment solutions, and its ability to surpass client expectations. Designed and structured to benefit from our depth of expertise in the areas of equity, fixed income and economic research, strategy structuring, risk management, and trading, our Mutual Funds are focused on the core asset classes needed to construct a well-balanced portfolio.

Our mutual funds are focused on the core asset classes needed to construct a well-balanced portfolio.

Mutual Funds vs non-traditional Funds... what’s the difference?

Traditional funds are typically comprised of 3 asset types (stocks, bonds, and cash) where non-traditional funds include hedge funds, infrastructure, real estate, managed futures, and commodities. In general, traditional investments are designed to outperform a specified benchmark where non-traditional investments are designed to deliver absolute returns. Additionally, non-traditional investments often demonstrate positive returns even during tough markets.

Funds at a Glance

Funds at a Glance


Fees Reduction Notice

Fee Reduction Notice 


Nadim Rizk on Fiera Capital's Global Equity Strategies

Nadim Rizk is a member of the Global Equity team and is the lead manager of the International, U.S., and Global Equity strategies at Fiera Capital.