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About Us

Fiera Capital Private Wealth is an independent investment advisor offering customized investment solutions to high net worth investors. We adopt a consultative process to determine a client’s risk tolerance and investment needs.

Helping clients achieve their investment goals is our most important job.

Once a client’s needs are determined, we create a personalized portfolio that can include stocks, bonds and a wide array of non-traditional strategies on the income related front as well as the growth side. Our goal is to optimize, based on our client’s specific needs, the overall portfolio risk-return ratio. Client portfolios are typically adjusted from time to time based on change in market conditions.

All portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis and, for additional comfort and security, accounts are held at well-known financial institutions specializing in asset custody. Our clients have virtually every aspect of the investment process managed for them, including account set-up, asset allocation, trading individual securities and/or pooled funds and ongoing portfolio monitoring. Fees are based on the value of assets managed and this transparent approach aligns our interests with those of our clients.

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