About Fiera Capital


A Question of Trust and Integrity

Fiera Capital’s Code of Conduct focuses on our clients – living up to this code is a responsibility that is shared by all of our employees.

The Code of Conduct focuses on the high level of professional ethics required of Fiera Capital’s staff and directors in the execution of their duties. All Fiera Capital employees are held to this Code of Conduct, which includes complying with our clients’ expectations and with regulatory requirements.

Fiera Capital uses the “separation of duties” principle in administering compliance and supervisory tasks to ensure independence and transparency. The asset class teams are responsible for market transactions, while the investment administration teams see to the settlement of these transactions, assess financial leverage, verify investment policy restrictions and measure risks and returns. In addition, a specially assigned group ensures that the ethical standards are upheld at all levels of our organization.

All administrative functions are organized in groups with well-defined responsibilities as an independent structure from investment management. Our entire team works to support the efforts of the portfolio managers in trade execution, administrative support, accounting, marketing, client relations, and legal and regulatory compliance.