Favouring high credit quality within high yield

Active and Strategic Fixed Income Team - Strategy Update

Annual Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium

Information Technology Update

Highlighting Constellation Software

The 2020 Gold Rush

Sustainable & Impact Global Equity Strategies

Volatility Overview - Q2 2020

Canadian Energy Sector Update

Canadian Debt: From AAA to AA+

The Federal Reserve Corporate Bond Purchase Program

Credit Spotlight: Financials and COVID-19

Equity Market Rally - Explained

Bank of Canada - Corporate Bond Purchase Program

Canadian Equity Ethical Fossil Fuel Free Strategy

Volatility Overview

COVID-19 in the U.S. – Historical Point of View

Update - Bond Markets

An Eventful First Quarter - Global Equities

COVID 19 – From the Bond Desk

COVID 19 - Update from our Global CIO

COVID-19 - Market Update

Carbon Footprint in your Portfolio

COVID-19 - Reflationary Train Delayed, Not Derailed

Emerging Market Bonds

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Exploring Non-Traditional Income

We review the implications of today’s ultra-low yield environment and the changing opportunity set in private markets.

Market Update - September 2020

The fastest bear-market recovery in history showed little sign of wavering in August. Investor optimism remained.

Jackson Hole

The Fed’s new stance on inflation.

Market Update - August 2020

In July, risk appetite was underpinned by further signs of a revival in global growth

Don't Fight the Fed

Humble fund managers must accept the need to choose one's battle, and to know when they're outmatched.

Market Update - July 2020

In June, the unrelenting appetite for risk prevailed and global stock markets continued to grind higher amid optimism.

Money in the Bank (of Canada)

In April, the Bank of Canada announced that it would launch both a $50-billion Provincial Bond Purchase Program and a $10-billion Corporate Bond Purchase…

Market Update - June 2020

Investor optimism flourished for a second straight month in May and risky assets maintained their resilience on speculation that global growth will recover…

Good Governance. Greater Returns.

Good Governance. Greater Returns.

Why corporate governance is the key to an ESG-friendly portfolio. 


Bond to Basics

Why fixed income has been and continues to be important in investor portfolios.

Out of Darkness Comes Light

When investors are blinded by darkness, we prefer to build a position as the crisis evolves, and wait for the market to see the light.

Market Update - May 2020

In April, sentiment was reinvigorated and risky assets got some much-needed reprieve after the worst meltdown since the global financial crisis.

Spread Widening: Opportunity or Threat?

No matter how big the threat is, there will always be opportunities to be seized.

Rethinking Risk Management

 The Ups and Downs of Three Popular Defensive Strategies in Equity Portfolios.

Challenged Liquidity: Bond Pricing in Stressed Markets

Evaluating the trade-off between immediate liquidity and long-term success.

Market Update - April 2020

The month of March was nothing short of unprecedented.

Recession Risk Rising

The crisis in confidence stemming from COVID-19 has become increasingly self-fulfilling, which has brought into question our outlook for global growth.

Update from the Global CIO

The thought of an invisible enemy that spreads easily and carries a non-trivial mortality rate sends shivers down most people’s spine.

Private Alternatives Strategies Responding to Market Irregularities

Private Alternatives Strategies Responding to Market Irregularities

Current Situation

COVID-19 is now present in over 100 countries and has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Market Update - March 2020

FROM THE GLOBAL CIO OFFICE - By Candice Bangsund, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation

The COVID-19 spread

Central bankers and finance ministers from G7 countries have formally agreed to use “all appropriate policy tools” to tackle the economic impact of the spread…

Private Equity Sees the Light

When was the last time you worried about not having enough light?

Fear vs Fundamentals: Redux

Recapping the market’s reaction to fourth quarter earnings season and the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Debt Canary

Coal miners used to carry canaries down into the jobsite – the birds were used as indicators that deadly gases were in the atmosphere.