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COVID-19 - Reflationary Train Delayed, Not Derailed

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The Canadian Small and Micro Cap Universe

Impact Investing

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Private Alternatives Strategies Responding to Market Irregularities

Private Alternatives Strategies Responding to Market Irregularities

Current Situation

COVID-19 is now present in over 100 countries and has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Market Update - March 2020

Investor anxiety morphed into panic in February.

The COVID-19 spread

Central bankers and finance ministers from G7 countries have formally agreed to use “all appropriate policy tools” to tackle the economic impact of the spread…

Private Equity Sees the Light

When was the last time you worried about not having enough light?

Fear vs Fundamentals: Redux

Recapping the market’s reaction to fourth quarter earnings season and the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Debt Canary

Coal miners used to carry canaries down into the jobsite – the birds were used as indicators that deadly gases were in the atmosphere.

Global Financial Forecast 2020-2027

Read our latest report to learn more on what to expect from the financial markets in the next 7 years.

Impact Investing: A Third Factor to the Risk/Return Mindset

How Fiera Capital builds values-driven investment strategies.

Super Bond LIV

It’s important to have a strong defensive aspect in any game. Just ask the San Francisco 49ers, whose defense ranked second in the league this year. It’s also…

Market Update - February 2020

Just as one source of investor angst faded at the beginning of 2020, another intensified.

Go Long with Provis

In a normal yield environment, long-term bonds come with a higher yield than shorter bonds, allowing owners to roll down the yield curve. That is, assuming the…

The Tail Wagging the Panda

Since the beginning of the trade war between the United States and China, we’ve seen a rising correlation between U.S. Treasury yields and the Chinese Yuan.…

Market Update - January 2020

Investors headed towards the end of 2019 in an optimistic mood


It might be surprising to some bond investors that Quebec municipalities cannot run deficits, and generally issue debt under only two scenarios: To refinance…

Global Investment Outlook 2020

2020 Outlook: Receding Risks Revitalize the Global Economy. From the Global CIO Office by Candice Bangsund.

Market Update - December 2019

FROM THE GLOBAL CIO OFFICE - By Candice Bangsund, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation

Fixed Income Year-in-Review

Five themes you may (or may not) have noticed in 2019’s fixed income markets.

When Doves Cry

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz has been notably hawkish this year, refusing to lower rates despite that being the trend among major central bank. That…

Market Update - November 2019

Risk appetite prevailed once again in November as investors embraced some favourable developments on the trade, political, and global growth fronts

I, trading bot.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of equity trading takes place electronically these days, and some investors might assume that it’s the same case in the…

Albertan debt: the good, the bad and the opportunity

The Good: In 2004, Alberta was a debt-free province, but in the ensuing years, governments saw an opportunity to get elected by promising to spend more and…

Rumours, facts, and fads

Since mid-August, Canadian bond market participants have dramatically reduced their expectations for interest rate cuts, and along with that, we’ve witnessed a…

Corporations’ dead pledge

The great deleveraging that was supposed to sweep over corporate America is dead. Normally, we’d expect corporations to reduce leverage at the tail end of…

Market Update - October 2019

FROM THE GLOBAL CIO OFFICE - By Candice Bangsund, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation