Providing bespoke solutions to insurance clients for more than two decades

We are a dedicated partner to insurers focused on optimizing outcomes

Fiera Capital’s CIA IFRS 17 Market Curves and Reference Curves

Understanding IFRS 17: Solving for New Challenges

We believe long-term investment success for insurance companies requires:

  • an understanding of the complex environment in which insurers operate
  • recognition of the uniqueness of each company
  • a breadth of research-driven investment capabilities which can offer attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • the ability to provide customized reporting best positioned to address the needs of each.

Our expert team supports insurers to develop customized, capital-efficient solutions that balance multiple, sometimes competing, objectives and constraints, including risk/return preferences, income needs as well as accounting and regulatory considerations.

We partner with insurers to develop bespoke investment solutions geared towards delivering company-specific, optimized outcomes.

Key Benefits

Dedicated Partners

Fiera Capital manages more than $22.8B in assets1 on behalf of 50 insurance clients.

These clients include Property & Casualty companies, Life & Health insurance companies, insurance platforms and other insurance mandates.

1 As of December 31, 2022,

Extensive Expertise

Insurance clients benefit from seasoned insurance investment professionals.

The team includes portfolio managers, actuaries and solutions specialists with a deep understanding of the design and implementation of customized solutions for liability-aware clients.

Tailored Solutions for Insurers

There is no one-size-fits-all insurance solution.

Fiera Capital delivers innovative, bespoke investment and risk management solutions to insurance clients while leveraging best-in-class market practices across asset classes.

Helping Insurers Optimize Outcomes

Finding the Right Balance

Fiera Capital aims to deliver value to clients through a dynamic insurance investment process.

We combine return objectives with specific insurance risk metrics, such as actuarial reserves and capital requirements.

This comprehensive approach ensures that assets are best aligned with our clients’ investment, regulatory capital and balance sheet objectives across all market environments.

P & L
Capital Management
Balance Sheet

  • Secure solvency
    of the company
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    the company
  • Generate
    more profits
    on assets
  • Ensure
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Dynamic Portfolio Construction

Market conditions are continuously evolving and so should an insurance solution.

Fiera Capital’s portfolio optimization process is dynamic and continuous. In many cases, the optimal portfolio today might not be the best portfolio tomorrow.

We have developed in-house optimization tools, built and designed by our experienced actuarial and investment professionals, which are at the core of the portfolio construction process. Investment strategies should evolve with market conditions, and our team will take advantage of identified market opportunities within an established risk budget to maximize investment returns, as well as improve capital ratios and financial statements for insurers.

Dedicated focus on our clients

Our main objective is to build optimal insurance solutions based on the liability profiles and specific risk metrics of our insurance clients.

Our professionals have always valued an open dialogue and offer a high-touch level of service from a dedicated team of insurance professionals with strong knowledge of regulatory requirements and insurance business objectives. Our team can also develop tailored and transparent reporting for each client based on their specific needs and monitoring targets.


The Fiera insurance team has expertise in integrating other asset classes in its solution construction and allocation process.

The solution optimization process can incorporate regulatory requirements, cost of capital, cash flow matching and current market environment.

Fiera offers a broad spectrum of investment strategies across asset classes, styles and capitalization ranges, in addition to customized liability-driven and multi-asset class solutions for insurers.

Our key investment
pillars include:

Fixed Income

Deep offering of actively managed strategies as well as liability-driven investment solutions allows for the development of portfolios that evolve with the needs of our clients.


Diversified equity platform across various geographies, and market capitalization ranges. Our equity platform is deeply rooted in actively managed, bottom-up investment approaches.

Private Alternatives

A uniquely positioned private alternatives platform offering a full breadth of portfolios across agriculture, real estate, infrastructure, private credit and private equity.
*December 31, 2023

Understanding IFRS 17:
Solving for New Challenges

The introduction of IFRS 17 establishes principles for the recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure of insurance contracts with an objective to standardize the methodology for liability calculations globally.

Our Team

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