Asset Allocation

Use of Scenarios

Fiera Capital’s asset allocation philosophy rests upon a fundamentally-based research process designed to optimize returns while striving to preserve capital in all market environments.

The analytical framework is achieved through in-house fundamental economic and market research. The results are framed in economic and financial scenarios that reflect the investment environment in which we are engaging. The central scenario represents the capital market environment most likely to unfold over the next 12 months. Alternate scenarios identify the sources of the most likely surprises that may materially affect capital markets. These scenarios are key to our asset allocation decisions and have an impact on both the direction and size of our positions.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Fiera Capital’s asset allocation team is supported by experienced portfolio managers from major asset classes who provide valuable input on capital market trends and propose recommendations based on research and observations within their areas of expertise. The final investment decision is the responsibility of our dedicated Asset Allocation investment professionals, ensuring a transparent and accountable decision-making process.