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Luc Bergeron

Luc Bergeron

Portfolio Manager
Mélissa La Haye

Mélissa La Haye CFA

Senior Institutional Client Manager
Lyne Lamothe

Lyne Lamothe

Global Chief Human Resources Officer
Kon-Yu Lau

Kon-Yu Lau CFA, FRM

Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Michael Lavigne

Michael Lavigne MSc, FRM, CIM

Portfolio Manager, Systematic Investment Strategies
Marc Lecavalier

Marc Lecavalier BBA, MSc, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Canadian Small Cap Equities
Charles Lefebvre

Charles Lefebvre CFA, FRM

Senior Portfolio Manager
Jean-Philippe Lemay

Jean-Philippe Lemay M.Sc., FCIA, FSA, CAIA

Global President and Chief Executive Officer
Monique F. Leroux

Monique F. Leroux C.M., O.Q., FCPA, FCA

Senior Advisor (Non-Executive)
Benjamin Luk

Benjamin Luk CFA

Institutional Client Manager
Lucas Pontillo

Lucas Pontillo

Executive Vice President and Global Chief Financial Officer