Fiera Capital Inc.'s control of securities of Altus Group Income Fund decreases

    MONTREAL, March 10 /CNW Telbec/ - This press release is being published
in relation to past transactions of units of Altus Group Income Fund "Altus")
(AIF.UN - TSX) that had not been previously disclosed.
    Between the end of April 2007 and the end of December 2007, Fiera Capital
Inc ("Fiera") acquired control over an additional 176,300 units of Altus.
However, due to a private placement in December 2007, these additional units
represent a decrease of 1.83% of the outstanding units of Altus.
    Fiera reports that the aggregate number of units of Altus under the
control of Fiera as of the end of December 2007 is 1,802,800 representing
approximately 13.68% of the outstanding units of Altus. The position
controlled by Fiera had inadvertently been omitted in the previous report
filed by Fiera.
    These units were acquired through the facilities of the Toronto Stock
Exchange. The units are beneficially owned by various accounts managed by
    The units have been acquired for investment purposes only and not with
the purpose of influencing the control or direction of Altus. Fiera may, from
time to time, acquire additional units of Altus, continue to hold its present
position or may dispose of its units.
    Fiera provides competitive and innovative investment solutions to a
diverse clientele of institutional investors, mutual funds, charitable
organizations and private clients.

    This press release is being issued in order to comply with the disclosure
requirements under applicable securities legislation. This press release is
not an admission that Fiera owns or controls any described securities or that
Fiera is a joint actor with any of the accounts that it manages.