Infrastructure Debt

Strategy Overview

Investment Strategy

Portfolio of high-quality, long term infrastructure related fixed-income securities that provides yield enhancement with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Through rigorous due diligence and extensive fundamental research conducted by our highly experienced internal infrastructure investment team, the strategy focuses mainly on asset selection and shall invest primarily in debt investments relating to essential assets with monopoly characteristics in regulated environments or with acceptable long term contractual regimes.

The strategy has the flexibility to optimize its portfolio through both public and private infrastructure debt investments.

Why Invest in this Strategy

  • A significant source of yield enhancement in a low interest rate environment
  • Disciplined, credit-focused approach with rigorous due diligence and ongoing monitoring
  • Complementary fixed income strategy within the context of a long term de-risking framework
  • Low observed correlations with other asset classes
  • Diversified risk drivers


They are supported by 4 analysts. They also draw on the expertise of the entire fixed income team, which boasts two distinct trading desks in Montreal and Toronto. Investment decisions are made by consensus amongst the investment team.