Sébastien Fournier MSc, CIM

Sébastien Fournier



Senior Investment Counsellor

Sébastien Fournier joined Fiera Capital in April 2014 and is currently a Senior Investment Counsellor. Mr. Fournier began his career in the investment management industry in January 2008 when he became an equity analyst at AFC Capital, a Montreal-based hedge fund manager.

During his four years at AFC Capital, Mr. Fournier interacted with numerous managers of publicly traded companies in which the firm invested. In 2010, Mr. Fournier was promoted to Assistant Portfolio Manager. In March 2012 he joined a Multi-Family Office based in Montreal as Investment Manager, where he was in charge of selecting the best equity and private investment managers. Mr. Fournier also established multiple business relationships with various partners around the world.

Mr. Fournier has a Master’s (M.Sc.) in Finance from the University of Sherbrooke and is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).